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The Luftwaffe over the Bristol area

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The Luftwaffe over the Bristol area - Glossary and Abbreviations

Aufkl.Gr.Ob.d.L. : Aufkl�rungsgruppe Oberbefehlshaber der Luftwaffe. The Reconnaissance Wing of the Commander in Chief of the German Airforce.

Adler Tag: Eagle Day. The opening of the German air offensive to destroy the RAF on August 13th 1940.

All Clear: This was the British Civil Defence 'Raiders Passed' message, receipt of which would cause the sirens to sound a continuous signal for two minutes, indicating enemy aircraft had passed out of the area.

Baedeker: The name given to the reprisal raids against Britain in the summer of 1942. From Karl Baedeker's tourist guide book.

Beleuchtergruppe: A unit charged with lighting fires in a target area for the guidance of other less well equipped units.

Bf: Bayerische Flugzeugwerk GmbH. Manufacturers of Messerschmitt aircraft (Later renamed Messerschmitt AG) ie Bf 109, Bf 110 and Me 410.

Bruder: Brother. The German code name for Bristol.

Dead Reckoning : The basis of navigation in the Luftwaffe. With a knowledge of his aircraft's climb/cruise performance and given a forecast wind velocity and details of the track(s) to target, the navigator was able to calculate the headings to fly and time to reach his objective.

D�ppel: Anti-radar metal foil. Named after the D�ppel Estate near Berlin where it was first tested.

Do: Dornier-Werke GmbH. Manufacturers of Dornier aircraft ie Do 17, Do 217.

Epr.Gr.210 : Erprobungs Gruppe 210. Test and Development Wing. Originally intended to introduce the Me 210 into service. Later used as a fighter-bomber unit flying Bf 110's.

Erprobungs und LehrKommando: Test and Training Unit.

(F) : Fern, as in Fern Aufkl�rungsgruppe. Long Range Reconnaissance Wing. Abbreviated 1(F)/121 etc.

Fliegerdivision: Similar but of less importance then a Fliegerkorps, most of which were expanded into the latter as the war progressed.

Fliegerkorps: An operational command controlling an unspecified number of units. Subsidiary to a Luftflotte.

F/Lt.: Flight Lieutenant.

F/O.: Flying Officer.

F/Sgt.: Flight Sergeant.:

Geschwader: An operational unit similar to an RAF Group. Normally comprising three operational Gruppen and a Staff Flight, with a total establishment of about 100 aircraft. It also possessed a fourth training Gruppe, and later in the war a fifth Gruppe was added to some Geschwadern. Prefixed Kampf (Bomber) or Zerst�rer (Long-range fighter) ie KG 55, ZG 26 etc.

Gp.Capt.: Group Captain.

Gruppe: An operational unit similar to an RAF Wing. Normally comprised three Staffeln and a Staff flight with a total establishment of 30 aircraft. Abbreviated I/KG 55 etc.

Gruppenkommandeur: Officer commanding a Gruppe.

H.E. : High Explosive bomb. Dropped in sizes from 50 to 1800 kg.

He: Ernst Heinkel Flugzeugwerke GmbH. Manufacturers of Heinkel aircraft ie He 111 and He 177.

H�henkampskommando der Versuchsstelle f�r H�henfl�ege : The High Altitude Bombing Unit of the Experimental Establishment for High Altitude Flight.

I.B. : Incendiary bomb. The standard 1 kg magnesium incendiary.

Ju: Junkers Flugzeug-und Motorenwerken AG. Manufacturers of Junkers aircraft ie Ju 86R, Ju 88 and Ju 188.

Kampfgeschwader: Bomber Group. Abbreviated KG 1 etc.

Kampfgruppe : Bomber Wing. Normally a specialised independent unit. Abbreviated KGr 100 (pathfinders) KGr 606 and KGr 806 (ex-naval units).

Kettenhund: Watchdog. Airborne radar jamming equipment.

Knickebein : A precision VHF radio beam navigation and bombing system.

K� Fl Gr : K�stenfliegergruppe. Coastal bomber-reconnaissance unit. Abbreviated K� Fl Gr 106 etc.

Land Mine : Parachute deployed 1000 kg sea mines suitably re-fuzed for use against land targets. Later parachuteless mines fitted with a tail unit were employed.

Lehrgeschwader: Instructional/Operational Development Group. Became normal operational bombing units on the outbreak of war. Abbreviated LG 1 etc.

Luftflotte : Air Fleet. An operational command controlling a number of subsidiary Fliegerkorps.

Luftwaffe: The German Airforce

Me: see Bf.

Ob.d.L. : Oberbefehlshaber der Luftwaffe. The Commander in Chief of the German Airforce.

Oil Bomb : A large incendiary weapon containing an oil mixture and a high explosive bursting charge.

Phosphorous Bomb : A large incendiary weapon containing a liquid filling of Phosphorous, oil and rubber solution.

Pirateneinsatze: Pirate Attack. An attack carried out by a single aircraft in daylight but only with the aid of poor weather conditions to provide safety from British fighters.

PK 2: Propaganda-Kompanie 2. War Reporters Company No.2.

P/O.: Pilot Officer.

Red Alert : Red was the British Civil Defence action warning 'Raiders Approach', receipt of which would authorise the sounding of the audible sirens on a two minute fluctuating or warbling note of varying pitch giving 12 minutes advance warning of the enemy's arrival.

Ritterkreuz : The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. A military award.

Sgt.: Sergeant.

S/Ldr.: Squardron Leader.

Sondera�fklarungsstaffel Ob.d.L: The Special Reconnaissance Squadron of the Commander in Chief of the German Airforce.

SS Flight : RAF's Special Service Flight. Formed to counter high altitude raiders.

Stab Schwarm : Group HQ Staff Flight. Normally three aircraft. Abbreviated Stab/KG 55 etc.

Staffel: The smallest Luftwaffe operational unit similar to an RAF Squadron normally comprising 9 aircraft. 1,2 and 3 Staffeln were in I Gruppe; 4,5 and 6 in II Gruppe; 7,8, and 9 in III Gruppe; 10,11 and 12 in IV Gruppe; 13,14 and 15 in V Gruppe. Abbreviated 7/KG 100 etc.

Staffelk�pitan: Officer commanding a Staffel.

Steinbock: Ibex. The code name given to the German reprisal raids against Britain in early 1944.

St�rangriffe: Nuisance or harassing attack.

Unternehmen Seel�we : Operation Sealion, the planned German invasion of Britain during the summer of 1940.

(W) : Wachtel, after Oberst Max Wachtel commander of Flak Regiment 155.

X-Verfahren: X-System . A VHF multi-beam precision bombing system.

Y-Verfahren: Y-System . A VHF single beam/range-measuring precision bombing system.

W/Cdr.: Wing Commander.

Zerst�rergeschwader : (lit. Destroyer Wing). Long-range fighter Wing. Abbreviated ZG 26 etc.

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